Sunday, 23 November 2014

Woodland Photo Shoot

Am sitting in the car outside of my house with child #1 asleep in the back and child #2 making my stomach leap so wildly that the laptop (which is precariously balanced between my baby bump and the steering wheel) is increasingly hard to type on. But one has to get things done as and when one can, so on this dismal drizzly day, in my hours worth of compulsory confinement, I figured I’d post a bit on my long neglected blog. I've been meaning to post for an AGE about the little woodland photo shoot I did during the summer...

I’d been wanting to take photos of children enjoying the crowns for a while to use on here, in any promotional bits I might create etc, but hadn't managed to get round to organising anything. Then I was talking to a friend who runs a woodland playgroup who suggested I went along with the crowns to get some pictures at one of their sessions. So I did and it was perfect! Here's a selection of my favourite shots...

The woods were a lovely backdrop for the photos and the children just got to carry on as normal whilst I chased them with the camera. It was actually really fun. I didn’t worry too much about the pictures I was getting at the time and kept clicking away until everyone got bored but I was really pleased with the final results.

What do you think? I used a few of them at a craft fair I did the other day and they fitted in beautifully.

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